• Milwaukee Record

    Before Hot Coffin strikes Milwaukee’s ear drums in early 2016, stream the record’s first single, only at Milwaukee Record.

  • Milwaukee Record

    This time last year, Chris Chuzles was preparing to say goodbye to Disguised As Birds, the decade-old Milwaukee rock band he fronted. Not longer after the release of the band’s outstanding swan song EP We Buy Gold was released in January of this year, the newly-bandless singer found himself in another blistering, balls-out rock ‘n’ roll outfit.

  • Shepherd Express

    A crazed, lighter-waving slab of post-hardcore, "A Lesson in Sleep" is darker and more Fugazi-indebted than the Hot Coffin of yore, though you can still hear the smirk underneath its gruff exterior.

  • Milwaukee Record

    Lineup changes among bands aren’t all too uncommon an occurrence, but it’s worth noting the rare occasion that bands swap out a singer—especially when the new singer was the voice of an established Milwaukee band for the last decade.

  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

    Some advice for bands starting out: If you want to attract a crowd to your first show, offer free turkey.

  • A.V. Club

    When guitarist Christian Hansen started to write songs following the breakup of his band Red Knife Lottery, he didn’t intend on being in another loud rock band. But as Hansen pieced together his new band, Hot Coffin, loud rock ’n’ roll felt more and more like a natural fit.

  • Milwaukee Magazine

    Founding member Christian Hansen spoke to Music Notes about his new band, his new found approach to straightforward songwriting, and Hot Coffin’s strange connection to a Grammy nominee.