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  • Merchants of Air

    Time for an energetic slab of no-nonsense rock 'n roll, don't you think? I certainly do, since I'm already getting a little drunk. It's two in the afternoon but I don't mind. I'm thinking about starting a mosh pit in my living room, build a skate ramp in my kitchen and put a massive set of speakers in my bedroom.

  • Thy Demons Be Scribblin

    Hot Coffin blaze through 8 tracks of rock fury here in less than 30 minutes which really keeps the punk feel alive all the way through.

  • ExtremeUndergroundMusicZine

    A very hard and heavy sound starts off the album along with all of the musical instruments sounding very powerful and once the aggressive vocals kick in elements of noise rock, post hardcore and punk can be heard in the bands musical style and the riffs and leads also bring in a great amount of melody.

  • Heavy Blog Is Heavy

    The song is just brief enough to keep you coming back and the rest of the album is the same way: it never overstays its welcome and always ends on a high note and will make you want to have a good time. Seriously, this whole record is a banger from start to finish, and you’d be a fool not to check it out.


    These Milwaukee "noise pirates" sucked me in from the first note and I knew it was beyond me to judge them. Let's make them "band of the week" and you guys can decide.

  • Distorted Sound

    As many songs resemble the changing, non consistent style and sound of sludge bands such as ACID BATH but with a smoother, softer tone, HOT COFFIN have used all skills of their four members to bring a much more fitting heavier sound then their previous work.

  • Devils Gate Media

    So I've listened to Hot Coffin end to end continually. As hard as I've tried to find fault, I have only found positives. This is for me a hark back to the introduction of (proper) punk in the very early eighties. So that's what gave me the hooks, I think! For everyone else, give it a spin.

  • Inhale The Heavy

    This is raw punk from the dawn of man. And it doesn’t even pause for breath. Just rolls track after track, beating you in to submission.

  • The Moshville Times

    This is an album full of intent, delivered with much gust, energy and talent that you can’t help but love it for the little gem it is. It may be over before it has even really begun but it doesn’t really matter as you will soon be putting it back on to feel that excitement and energy once again.

  • No Clean Singing

    The music is no fucking joke.